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O’Brien said that if there were a Rocky Horror remake, it should be an animated version (à la Nightmare Before Christmas)




New tell me if I’m wrong, but that would actually be fantastic. Why have I never thought of this before?

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At first I was a little weary of the idea, but as I thought about it, it seemed like a pretty good idea, actually. I wonder who would voice the characters? It would be truly amazing if it was the same exact people. 

Oh my. If it was the same people it would be truly lovely. I would like an animated version.

I like this idea a lot. ESPECIALLY if there were the same voice actors! That would be brilliant, talk about best of the old and new. It’s a shame I think Fox wouldn’t go for it. They probably want to promote new stars by placing them into Rocky Horror, no matter if they’re not appropriate! (Also, thanks for citing me :D)

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Happy Birthday, Richard O’ Brien (born March 25th, 1942)
Best known for: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (writer;cast member), Crystal Maze (presenter), Shock Treatment (writer;cast member)


I want to draw this now. Darn.


Happy Birthday, Richard O’ Brien (born March 25th, 1942)

Best known for: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (writer;cast member), Crystal Maze (presenter), Shock Treatment (writer;cast member)


I want to draw this now. Darn.

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timecrystal replied to your post: I remember this one time on the Crystal Maze,…

I do love him :D Today he suggested that, in a film version of The Crystal Maze, he would be portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I lol’d.

Same here :’) And they wanted Meryl Streep to play mumsie… they should have got Elizabeth Taylor… or Glenn Close…. xD

XD Yep. I didn’t half laugh. Just the idea of a bald Arnie trying desperately to act Ritzy, slightly effeminate, delicate and energetic, while trying to talk in his voice with his accent… it was too much. And, instead, he rants on about how Meryl Streep isn’t pretty enough XD Oh, Richard. You do have more presenting talent than all of the modern ones on gameshows put together.

HAPPY 4711!


Totally aware that Americans will be like ‘You’re reading the date the wrong way’ but since Rocky originated in England, you’re right 4th of July is the real 4711 day :D

Rocky Horror Challenge - Day 6

Scene you wish wasn’t in the movie

You now want to read this post because you haven’t the faintest idea why I’ve posted a picture of a sandwich on a post related to Rocky Horror. Is it a cunning plan, or do I genuinely have a point to make which includes sandwiches?

I thought for a long time about this, attempting to find one scene, perhaps even a single shot, which I wished wasn’t in the movie. A few crossed my mind, including ones related to Dr Scott and the scene in which Frankie got killed… but all I can say is that I dislike those scenes (from a subjective point of view. Who wants Frank dead?), not that I don’t want them in the film. Rocky Horror is, in a way a film which needs pretty much every scene to work properly. To remove one scene from it would be like removing the lettuce or tomato from this sandwich. The film would be poorer for it. God help you if you remove the metaphorical chicken from it. The whole film wouldn’t make sense. It’s not as if the film runs for an excessive amount of time anyway.

Wow. I am brilliant at making posts that have absolutely no point.

I am also absolutely dreadful at keeping up with these at the moment.

Just a couple of gifs of Hank humping things.



I’ve been waiting patiently.

I was watching the video these came from while sitting in the living room with the family, trying to keep a straight face. The bit where the second gif here came from caused me to fail. Miserably.

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